Service Availability
We will use reasonable endeavors to provide uninterrupted Services. However we do not guarantee that the Services will be free from faults. We shall report any faults to our Data Center support staff promptly, who will try to repair any faults within the timescales set out below. For operational reasons we may suspend the Services or vary the technical specification of the Services with prior notification. When essential maintenance is required, where possible, this will be performed between 0100hrs and 0500hrs on any given day with prior notification.

Incident Response Times
The response times for assessing an Incident reported by the Partner, advising on an appropriate fix, communicating the estimated repair time and repairing the Incident are set out below:

Target Response Time Initial Feedback
(Note 2)
Resolution Feedback
(Note 3)
(Note 4)
1 4 Hours 60 Minutes 2 Hours #1 --- 2 Hours
#2 --- 4 Hours
#3 --- 8 Hours
2 6 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours #1 --- 4 Hours
#2 --- 8 Hours
#3 ---24Hours
3 24 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours #1 ---12Hours
#2 ---24Hours
#3 ---48Hours
4 Reasonable Efforts 2 Hours Reasonable Efforts #1 ---24Hours
#2 ---48Hours
#3 ---72Hours

Note 1:
Priority Definitions

Priority Definition Example
1 Operational Incident with no work-around The Services are unavailable
2 Operational Incident with no work-around. Affects service in certain cases Constant reduced data performance, frequent interruption of the Services
3 Operational Incident but a work around already exists so that service can continue with little or no impact Data delays: rare interruption of the Services
4 Incidents not affecting service Partner request for Service enhancements

Note 2 - a review of the Incident and communication of an estimate of the repair time

Note 3 - providing advice and support on the fix and updating the repair time estimate

Note 4 - Escalation policy - Where an Incident cannot be resolved, it will be escalated for resolution as follows:

Escalation #1 - to Support Manager locally
Escalation #2 - to Support Manager at Hosted Data Center Site
Escalation #3 - to Director Level at Hosted Data Center Site


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