What is Software Asset Management?

Since quality software is so crucial, it's surprising that so little attention has been given to its management. Software Asset Management protects your organization's software and helps you recognize what you've got, where it's running, and any licensing overlap.

In short - SAM is essential in today's business world.

Implementing SAM in your organization is easy and we’re here to help. Often SAM can be accomplished through four easy steps:

1. Perform a Software Inventory - Begins by taking a survey of all the software installed on your company’s     PCs, workstations, servers and other devices, and collect the information in a report. For this, we use     software inventory tools to perform your inventory automatically.

2. Match Software to Licenses - Once we have identified which software titles you’re using, the next step is to     match your license documentation to the software itself.

3. Review Policies and Procedures - After identification of what you have and where it is, the next step is to     review and/or write policies and procedures that your employees can use to ensure proper software asset     management. Sample topics may include software acquisition, deployment, use and recovery.

4. Stay the Course - The final step is to establish an ongoing plan, construct a library for your media licenses     and to keep up your company’s documentation up-to-date.



Why SAM?

Smoother Operations
Your entire organization runs better with SAM. SAM lets you focus on running your business and takes your mind off things like unsupported programs, viruses and security problems stemming from a lack of patches or updates.

Better Price Points
SAM will improve relations with your software resellers and give you an advantage in future negotiations. A better knowledge of your software needs can enable you to buy in volume and let you take advantage of the price benefits associated with bulk purchases.

Better Market Position
Up-to-date licensing and an extensive, comprehensive media library can result in faster, easier mergers and acquisitions. SAM also gives you a faster time-to-market with streamlined software functionality and a thorough knowledge of your existing database.

Financial Security
A good SAM program gives you financial security from unexpected licensing costs as well as providing tax benefits associated with software depreciation.

Eliminate Waste and Redundancy
Thorough software reconciliation, one important step in any good SAM plan, will show software that’s not being used but is still being maintained. That software can then be removed and used elsewhere along with its associated license.

Volume Discounts
SAM gives you a better understanding of how many and what types of licenses are needed. Should you buy on a per-person, per-PC basis, or look into volume license acquisition? Your SAM plan will tell you exactly what you need and save you money when it comes to purchasing your licenses.

Every Employee Benefits
Software that functions as it should and is trouble free will result in better overall employee moral. A centralized SAM program will also cut down on individual training for managers and lower the costs associated with it.

A proper SAM program limits your legal liability due to poor licensing practices and helps prevent any potential damage to your reputation that could arise from a lawsuit.

Future Benefits
SAM gives you better insight into your future software needs. Instead of buying all the newest software and updates available, you’ll be able to decide exactly what software is needed and when you’ll need it. With SAM you can plan for your future software needs now. This can also help you when deciding if new hardware is needed as well.

Corporate Governance
There are two basic steps towards ensuring good corporate governance: identifying the risks, and controlling and mitigating these risks. SAM can help you identify and control your software risks.




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