Microsoft Dynamics CRM is made available by ABS for use on a subscription basis from our Hosted facilities. The Hosted CRM Service is built on highly resilient, scalable infrastructure, utilizing Microsoft Hosting technology data centers which are all accredited to ISO27001 security standard. Access to the system is only available through the use of SSL certificates via the Microsoft CRM Outlook or Web Client.

The Hosted CRM Service is underpinned by strict Service Levels ensuring maximum availability and backed by a Service Desk and formal change control procedure. The environment in which the Services are maintained is based upon HP server and Cisco equipment. All systems are proactively monitored and managed for availability and performance. CRM application data is backed up daily.

The Following Systems Environment is used to deliver the Hosted CRM Services.

Shared multi-tenanted platform.
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft CRM 4.0 Enterprise Edition.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and SQL Reporting services.
Microsoft Exchange 2007 Enterprise Edition.
All server services are clustered or duplicated to provide resilience, performance and scalability.
All services are secured using SSL certificates.
Anti-Virus protection is provided as part of the solution.
All individual servers that comprise the Services are configured with full hardware redundancy.

The data centers have multiple resilient Internet links and the CRM platform is protected by Cisco Firewalls and Intrusion Detection/Prevention.

Each Customer will be provided 15 GB space for CRM data as part of the standard package costs.
Service Level Agreement




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