With Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your business can get immediate results. Increase productivity with fast user adoption. It looks and feels like the Microsoft Office productivity applications that your employees use every day.

Quickly centralize customer information and streamline business processes.

Tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your business—to fit the way you work.

Drive more qualified leads into the sales pipeline with Internet Lead Capture.

Faster Adoption

In fact, Adoption becomes a non-issue – we have already done the standard implementation.

It works like Microsoft office outlook - So your people already know how to use it.

It works wherever your people are- In the office, in the field, or en route.

It adapts to your business needs - Point-and-click customization tools and wizards make it easy

Detailed Customization Available locally – we discuss your specific needs face-to-face

Faster Integration

It integrates easily with your existing systems - Fits right in with other Microsoft products.

It integrates easily with your existing business processes - Role-tailored design fits the needs of Standard sales, finance, marketing, operations, and IT teams.

It 's hosted by us - You can deploy faster because you don't have to take the time to add extra IT infrastructure or staff.

Faster Return on Investment

It's cost-effective – Starts as low as US$79.90- per user per month.

It's intuitive - The familiar Microsoft Office Outlook–Employee training costs will be minimal.

It's hosted by us – Meaning you avoid the expense of adding IT infrastructure or staff


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